Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alpha is comming!!

The game is hitting Alpha soon so.... I think ill give you a little prize! I've added a random number generater that gives you one big number! That number is your activation code. And it is persistent. It also won't be the same for anyone (a very, very low chance that 2 people will get the same number). Well anyway, I'm gonna give you something cool if you get the number 268! I don't know what ill give you though... but FOR SURE ill give you the full game of Exotica! FOR FREE!!! As in you don't have to donate. But to get that, send me a message on GMC(, and show me a picture of the number. I'll need to mail everything to you, so ill need a mailing address. But remember... this update isn't out yet! I'll say when this starts on the GMC. Thank you.
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