Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOOO WAIT- wait... that's pretty good.

Wow. I have been side tracked. Very sorry about that... You know... school stuff... -_- BUT!!! I have been working very hard on Water today! It was getting KINDA confusing so I looked up tutorials and stuff... but i got side tracked and ended up making a World Generator. And then I got side tracked again and added the World Generator to the Water example, added diamonds and coal. I thought," Wooooow! I'm supposed to be working on the Water..." But then I was like," Wait... I just made Village Of Resource Iv1.0.1...... YEAAAAH!" So yeah. I made Village Of Resource Indev Version 1.0.1. Today was a good day! :D Oh and the download link is coming soon! :D :D

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